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July 2020 PD Tip #23 – Clearing and Grounding Tip #1


My Psychic Development Tip this month is one that is sure to help you as you begin to break free of the negative people, situations, and patterns that have surrounded you.  This tip is about the importance of keeping yourself clear and grounded, or as many people say, ‘centered’.

As you begin to grow, and to change yourself and your world in any way, you will often find that many of the people around you become resistive and some even try to block or control you.  Sometimes the situation or pattern you’ve created in your life is so ingrained that it is just very difficult to break, continually drawing you backwards. 

The fact is, that we humans seek growth and freedom and change, but we tend to create life situations that hold us back.  Often chaos results when we step forward to become who and what our soul is impelling us to become.

So how do we stand strong through the chaos of change, even if it is...

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July 2020 Monthly Special Offers


Offer #1 –

Since this Eclipse Pattern is so very important, I’ve decided to repeat my Eclipse Reading special I offered last month.  To be effective, you need to book and get this reading before July 31st. 

Here it is:

In June there were two eclipses, a Lunar on June 5th and a Solar Eclipse almost right on the Solstice, on June 21st.  Then, on July 5th, there will be a final Lunar Eclipse that is an extra eclipse in this eclipse cycle.

As I wrote in my editorial this month, this series of eclipses is incredibly important as it is giving you an ‘instant reset’.  The question is, what will your life be reset to?  What do you want?

You can keep an 'eclipse journal'  (from May 15th to July 19th) that gives insight into what will be coming into your life for about the next 6 months and often gives foreknowledge of important decisions, or you can get an Eclipse 2020 reading with me and get professional insight and guidance from me and...

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Sandy's July 2020 Editorial


Hello Everyone,

On July 5th we have our third and final eclipse of the June/July eclipse pattern.  If you haven’t done so yet, please let me suggest to go back to May 15th and create a journal that starts then and continues through July 19th. 

As an Intuitive Astrologer I have found over the years that eclipses do have a profound effect on the direction of our lives, and keeping an ‘eclipse journal’ is a great help to you by giving you a little glimpse of the future.  I like to think of my ‘eclipse journal’ as a sort of movie trailer, giving me short clips now of things I will be seeing or experiencing over the next six months, and even sometimes helping to point out important life choices I will be making.  If I’m lucky, I even get some insight into what my best choices might be.

This particular set of eclipses seems to be more important than most, especially since the solar eclipse that recently fell...

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July 2020 Astrolights

We are currently under a pattern of three eclipses. We’ve just had a solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21st. This, hopefully, has brought tremendous insight into our insecurities as connected to our roots.

On July 1st Saturn, who is retrograde, will return to Capricorn. This will retrace our actions of the past three and a half years and give us the opportunity to adjust any of the patterns we have put in play. More closely, it will rewind the movie that occurred in April and May and give us a little better insight as to what has transpired leading to our current situations.

June’s solar eclipse has shown us the weak spots in our security. It is now up to us to either close the weak spots or submit to the disintegration that they have created. We must rebuild while closing the loopholes that destructive opportunists in power have squeezed through. We have become way too complacent in letting the media telling what the world is like. We must think for ourselves and choose...

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Happy Birthday Cancer 2020

Your insight into the world of feelings is at its peak now. You also have the ability to put it into words what others can’t see and understand that you can see and understand about their moods and intuition. Don’t let this time go to waste.

Tell others what you see and know. But because your sign, Cancer, rules security, there is also a very strong undercurrent of doubt within you making you think that others won’t receive well what it is you sense about them and that they will push you away because you make them self-conscious and afraid of what you know about them. You must push past this. This is a gift that you must share if you are to allow your abilities for seeing the root of things to manifest.

Your calling is all about understanding the roots of your feelings about yourself and why and how others feel about themselves the way they do. To tap into this in yourself and others is to tap into the potential you have to surpass your current awareness about...

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Sandy's June 2020 Editorial


Hello Everyone,

Did you feel the shift?

I have been aware for some time, as many others in the mystical/metaphysical community have, that our world is evolving. You will in fact find that many of the video presentations in my Evolution of Consciousness Series available for purchase on my website are about the evolution of our world and humanity, as have been many of my past editorials and video blogs.

I have been aware of a shift in my own thought patterns, and also in the thoughts and communications of others. I've been aware of a shift in the belief systems of many people throughout the world, and I've been aware of the systematic 'waking up' of populations all over our planet, including our own here in the USA. This waking up hasn't always been easy or gentle.

My soul is a quiet and peace loving one that naturally seeks the unfoldment of joy and fulfillment. It is the soul of a child filled with wonder. In these past few years I have often asked my Guides, as I am sure you have...

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Sandys June 2020 Astrological Psychic Predictions


Aries -

This month will produce a  lot of internal dialogue and deep soul searching for you Aries, as many of your deep seated fears begin to manifest, especially regarding your relationships.  It seems this whole year has been a re-evaluation of relationships for you, and this month you'll be experiencing some emotional challenges that will cause you to dig into your toolbox of responses to master.  It will be helpful to see this as a time of growth for you and your loved ones.  Sister's and brother's and even close friends may create conflict, or ad to existing ones.  It's likely that you are chomping at the bit to get back to a normal life and a normal routine, but that is not likely to happen this month.  There are simply too many distractions, obligations, and responsibilities.  If you are married or in a comitted relationship, your partner will likely have issues that continue to cause you to put your personal plans on hold.  ...

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June 2020 Astrolights

June 2020 Astrolights

This is going to be an extremely important eclipse month. The most important eclipse of three will be the solar in Cancer on the 21st. We have two tandem lunar eclipses in Sagittarius on June 5th and Capricorn on July 5th. The pivotal eclipse in in Cancer and the two lunar eclipses straddle its opposition.

What makes this time even more powerful is that the solar eclipse occurs almost exactly on the Solstice. This is a harvest eclipse changing how we view and utilize our security. This could be financial, emotional and health oriented all in the same wave. Cancer rules nurturance. What we “feed” during this time will have profound effects on what we will be dealing with for the next six months or until the next eclipse pattern has ingress.

During this time, most of us will be reassessing what we need to feel secure. Emotions will run high and people will be very protective of what is felt to be needed and maintained.

Remember also that this is a...

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Psychic Development Tip #22 and We Create Our World Tip #2


I want to follow up immediately with to PD Tip #21/We Create Our World Tip #1 by giving a tip here to help you to 'let go'. 

When you read, watched or listened to Tip #21 you probably realized at the end just how important letting go is to the whole process of breaking patterns and that of course allows us to begin to manifest the new life we want for ourselves, free of past patterns.

Here is a simple tip I have learned to use in my meditations and also in my daily life, that will help you enormously and is so, so, simple to do.

It involves breathing.

I first discovered this when doing sitting meditation in which I was taught to maintain my focus on my breath, and in my case, I was taught to breathe in for the count of eight, hold for a count of four, and breathe out for a count of 8, then back in and repeat the process.

Well, after breathing in that pattern for a while, I began to realize that after slowly releasing my breath to a count of 8, I wasn't ready to breath in....

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June Monthly Specials


I have 3 wonderful special offers for you this month, just in time to usher in Summer!

Offer #1:
This is a reading special I've never offered before.
This June there will be two eclipses, a Lunar on June 5th and a Solar Eclipse almost right on the Solstice, on June 21st. Then, on July 5th, there will be a final Lunar Eclipse that is an extra eclipse in this eclipse cycle.

If you've been following my work for a while, you know that I always tell people to keep an 'eclipse journal' starting 2 weeks before the 1st eclipse in an eclipse cycle, and ending 2 weeks after the last eclipse in the cycle. (Your journal should go from May 22nd to July 19th.) Your eclipse journal gives you insight into what will be coming into your life for about the next 6 months, and often gives foreknowledge of important decisions you'll need to make that can be life-altering.

I am now offering a unique reading special that will be done by me and my Guides. We will analyze your astrology chart and using...

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