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Sandy's December Astrological Predictions 2019

Aries -

You are feeling like your freedom is at stake, and perhaps it is, Aries. Friends will be wonderfully supportive of all your choices this month as you weave your way through the myriad of opportunities surrounding you both at home and in your career and worldly aspirations. If you seek professional advice you will find the right person to trust. There are tensions all month long coming from family matters and finances. It's important to get in touch with what's in your heart and make that your goal, listening to the advice of others but taking only what resonates with your own intuition. You may split the holidays this year, even doing some travelling, as you feel pulled to two different places and two different family groups just as you feel pulled towards a more restrictive life experience but must overcome a lot of inner resistance if you walk down that path into 2020. Living a double life has its challenges.

Taurus -

Relationships and relationship issues are certain to...

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December 2019 Astrolights

This will be an extremely important month, personally and nationally. First, Jupiter moves from Sagittarius, its rulership, into fall in Capricorn. This severely weakens it influence as Saturn is in dignity in Capricorn.

Any lightness or expansive qualities that Jupiter normally brings will be severely curtailed and conservatism and regulation will become the rule of law. However, because Saturn currently is in Capricorn, Jupiter will bring an easing of the severity that Saturn normally brings.

What this means personally and nationally is that all the circumstances that have been blown way out of proportion will be brought back within acceptable, or at least sensible, limits. It will be a sobering time for a lot of people on both sides of the fence and between squabbling family participants.

You might say that cooler heads will begin to prevail. Accusations between opposing forces will be brought more down to earth and the demand for proof will become much more prevalent. Things...

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Psychic Development Tip #16 - Spread the Love


Psychic Development Tip # 16 - Spread the Love

Have you noticed that when you are around someone who is terribly negative, or who is super stressed, anxious, or even antagonistic that not only do you feel uncomfortable, but everyone else around that person does too?

I'm going to tell you a simple exercise you can do using breath control that you can use to quickly calm, center and ground yourself, and then how you can use your breath combined with visualization to permeate the entire environment with a loving, calming, uplifting energy that will quickly change everyone's attitude almost instantly.

I just love this simple little tool I'm about to give you for your psychic tool-box!

This exercise starts with your recognizing that you're being exposed and possibly even drawn into some unpleasant energy that you want to avoid. When you recognize that feeling, root yourself to the earth right where you are and take a moment to focus on your breath. Feel the way it comes in and out of...

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Psychic Hours 2020

Psychic Hours with Sandy

Do you wish ‘The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi’ that you used to watch on John Edward’s Infinite Quest was still on?  Well, your wish has been granted! The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi is back and it’s FREE!

2020 Psychic Hour December: DEC 20TH

SUNDAY - 9:00PM - 10:00PM EASTERN 


But there are only a limited number of spaces, so REGISTER NOW to join Sandy as she uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to channel your Guides and hers to answer your questions LIVE ONLINE and to give informative and inspirational insights in her friendly yet direct style. Be sure to go online and raise your hand early, as Sandy will take callers in order!

Although not everyone will get a reading, Sandy has a special way of addressing EVERYONE’S unspoken...

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What's Coming in 2020 - Live Webinar with Sandy


December 19th 7pm Eastern Time

My most highly developed psychic gift has always been precognition.  That is, foretelling future events.  I hope you will join me in this very special webinar as I use astrology, tarot, numerology, and my powerful connection to my Guides to give you a glimpse into 2020!
Here's what we'll cover in this webinar:
1) A look at the United States and her place in the world as we move forward into 2020.
2) A look at the presidential election for 2020 in the US.
3) A look at Brexit and the European Union as world power shifts.
4) A look at new world trade partners.
5) A look at finances from a global perspective.
6) An overview of what 2020 will look like for YOU as my Guides and I give an overview of what 2020 will bring for each zodiacal sign for 2020.
This webinar will only be $20 to attend online at December 19th 7pm Eastern Time.
Anyone registered will get a recording. ...
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Psychic Development Tip #15 - Portals Tip #1

There are many different types of portals that permit energy to flow either between planes or over distances or both.  Most people are unaware that they can and do easily create portals themselves. 
The simplest 'portal' is also the easiest to create, often to our chagrin!  You see wherever your attention and therefore your energy is drawn, you are creating a 'portal' to that person or thing.  That's one of the reason's it's so important to learn to be aware and to control where your thoughts and emotions take you. 
Remember, thoughts create things, but emotion powers thought and when the two flow together for a long enough time or in repetition regarding a single thing, a 'portal' to that thing is created. 
If you say 'yes' by continuing to give your attention to it, you unwittingly step through. This is a very basic concept concerning portals but is important to understand as it is responsible for nearly all of your life's major...
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Portals Webinar

NEW WEBINAR - Portals with Sandy Anastasi

November 14, 2019  7pm EST

You are invited to a special webinar I will be presenting for the VERY FIRST TIME ONLINE.  It’s a webinar on PORTALS!

There's a new word everyone's talking about for a very old thing in the psychic world.  The word is Portal.  You may have read something about  'portals' online, or heard someone mention the word in conversation, and thought, what is that?  When you realized they were talking about something different than the web page your medical group was using to have you sign up for your account on, it probably got your attention.  You began to ask yourself, what are they talking about? what is a portal? 
As you began to do some research, you realized that although a lot of people were talking about portals, they all seemed to be talking about different things.  One past student of mine found a portal inside her crystal ball, another explored a...
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Sandy's Astrological Predictions Nov 2019

Aries -
This is an important month for you Aries, filled with potentially life-changing choices.  Do you have the courage to move forward now?  You’ve got some major financial considerations and you are now realizing these need to come first in this moment, and need to be handled in the best way possible for your own future to be what you want it to be.  After that you can get back to that balancing act you’ve been doing between home needs and concerns and your personal aspirations and career goals.  If married, your mate is also on the see-saw of life and you’ve been trying to take that ride with them.  You are finally realizing that though you may sometimes share that ride, ultimately their choices are their choices, just as yours are yours. Meanwhile old opportunities, with a new slant, are returning all month long.  This moment where self responsibility, both yours and theirs and everyone else’s too, is clearly understood is...

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Sandy's November 2019 Editorial


Hello Everyone,

When I sat down to put my editorial-blog together this month my mind glanced off many important topics in today’s news - from the political intrigue in Washington and the capital cities of many other nations, to the life struggles of people throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, to the homeless crisis in California, to the need in the US for medical reform and in most nations for social reform. 

As all of these thoughts, and more, continued to swirl around in my mind, one thing kept floating to the surface.  It was a concept coupled with a feeling that’s perfect for this month when we traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US.  The concept is thankfulness and the feeling is gratitude.

How did thoughts of these difficult situations all over the world bring to me that powerful sense of thankfulness?  That overwhelming feeling that all is right with the world in spite of all the chaos we all see around us in the...

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Sandy's November Special 2019


So many people responded to my ‘Next Three Month Overview’ reading special I offered  in September that I decided to offer it again this month, especially since it’s not one of my regular focused channeled readings.

This month, let me and my Guides use astrology, tarot, and channeled insights to tell you what’s coming your way this Holiday Season and even help you jump start the New Year in a positive way!  You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions too!  Let’s put all those worries, fears, and insecurities behind you this Holiday Season and instead embark on the best three months of the year! 

This is what I do best, and I love to do it.  I take a quick glimpse into the future with you!

To reserve this session just book any focused channeled reading on my website and when my assistant contacts you to set your appointment tell her you want to get the ‘Next Three Month Overview’ reading with me and you’re...

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