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Sandy's January Specials

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!
I am beginning this great New Year with some very special discount offers for you!
First, check out the amazing bonuses I am offering for early enrollment in the Anastasi System of Psychic Development!  My bonuses include the entire Psychic Protection Tips Program, a $100 discount, and psychic development coaching session(s) with me.  I’ve never given bonuses like this before!  I know they are going to enhance your entire experience with the online course.
Second, you know that my Year At A Glance reading that I offered last month at an amazing discount is now back up to it’s normal $250 price.  I only offer this particular reading, that gives an overview month by month of your year ahead from me and my Guides, once a year.  So I am going to give a 10% ($25) discount on it right up until January 15th.  I think it is that important to help you get a handle on your life right now, and...
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Psychic Development Tip #4 - Meditation


Psychic Development Tip #4 - Meditation

All truly worthwhile psychic development programs include instruction on how to meditate.  

Here’s why -

When you meditate, several things happen that are extremely important to your being able to turn on the switches to your ESP safely and easily.

First - you will notice that your concentration and ability to focus improves.  You gain an uncanny ability to ignore what’s not important and focus in a powerful new way on what you choose.  Meditation gives you control over your own mind.

Second - you learn to quiet your mind through meditation, so you can easily tell which thoughts and feelings coming into your mind are your own, and which are not.  This is absolutely necessary if you are to be able to master two major psychic skills - telepathy and empathy.

Third - A consistent meditation practice helps you create what I call a ‘meditative personality’.  Your...

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Happy Birthday Capricorn 2018

It’s time to take a good look at your work environment. At this point you’re probably working in more than one now. You may also find that there are people in that environment that are either chattering at you or distracting you with minutia. This is just nature’s way for forcing you to become more focused in what you are doing. If you allow yourself to react to others who distract you, you will only cause yourself more aggravation. The trick is to ignore them.

Health issues are in the focus for you now. Your nervous system and limbs will be where you feel or find any illnesses or difficulties. Take care not to scatter your energies. There will probably be many people and issues pulling you in different directions. Pick one issue and solve it. Meet them each one by one rather than trying to multitask. Then, you’ll feel much better in dealing with them.

You’ll probably find that dreams are becoming much more prevalent now. These will be exacerbated by...

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January 2019 Astrological and Psychic Predictions including Overview for the Year


Aries 2019 Year Overview:

2019 is going to be a year filled with challenges that will lead you to amazing transformation as you surmount each. For many, the constant movement from handling one issue before moving to the next would be tiring. For you Aries, it is going to be exciting and even exhiliarating as you find new depths of insight, understanding, and ability within yourself as you embrace and move past each challenge! Your career and outer world is either well defined or soon will be, but requires a lot of work and responsibility. You will be called upon to put forth large amounts of personal energy to keep things moving forward throughout the year, sometimes carrying the work of others on your shoulders. How you handle things is often more important than the actual outcome. Attitude is everything. Many shared agreements will need to be reached to achieve the life you are seeking. Changes in how you relate to others and your position both at work and at home will be...

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Sandy's January 2019 Editorial

Hello Everyone, 
First off, I want to wish all of you a very, very happy, successful, and fulfilling 2019 year! I am so excited to be beginning this New Year with you!  I believe our lives and our world are going to take a giant, wonderful step forward this year towards creating world peace, better economies world wide, heightened awareness on all levels, and more.
I think we are finally over the hump of discord many of us faced in 2018, and we will see people world-wide beginning to work together towards creating a world we will be proud to leave to our progeny.  

2019 is a Universal #3 Year in Numerology.  That means, superficially, that everything that was begun in 2017 (the last #1 year) will be expanded.  That’s in your own life, as well as the lives of your friends and families, and also the town and nation that you live in.  But on a deeper level the number 3 is about nurturance, and...
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Sandy's Psychic Development Online Course Begins Soon


Hello Everyone!

I know not all of you are interested in becoming a professional psychic or medium. As a matter of fact, the great majority of folks who study my classes and read my books do so only for their own betterment, and finish their evolutionary journey totally satisfied with the results. You saw the list of testimonials I sent you a few days ago. That's only a small sample of the thousands of testimonials I've received from people like you who have gone through this program and gotten far more from it than they even expected they would.

As you know, I have certified more people through The Anastasi System of Psychic Development who have gone on to become respected professionals than any other teacher in the field.

This letter today though is aimed at that small percentage of you who already know you want to become a professional psychic, psychic channel, or psychic medium, or who think you may want to at some point in the future.

I received a great letter on my site...

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The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Begins Soon


Hello Everyone!

If you are still sitting on the fence about registering for my online psychic development program, The Anastasi System of Psychic Development, the time to get signed up is NOW!

There's no time to lose. There are only a few spots left. I keep these classes small so as to ensure personal attention from both myself and my assistant Lisa.

Be sure not to miss out!
Sign up now!

We're standing by!

Honestly, what are you waiting for?

You've been interested in things psychic FOREVER. You've been thinking of studying SERIOUSLY with me FOREVER. You even thought of traveling to Florida to do that. Now here it is, the opportunity to study with me online in person right in your own home!

Not only is this the best psychic training available ANYWHERE,
it is also a life changing program.

Trust me. If you are sitting on the fence about this, get off NOW!



I hope to see you online! It's time to invest in the best class you've...

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December Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi

December 16  9-10pm Eastern

Do you wish ‘The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi’ that you used to watch on John Edward’s Infinite Quest was still on?  Well, your wish has been granted! The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi is back and it’s FREE!


But there are only a limited number of spaces, so REGISTER NOW to join Sandy as she uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to channel your Guides and hers to answer your questions LIVE ONLINE and to give informative and inspirational insights in her friendly yet direct style.Be sure to go online and raise your hand early, as Sandy will take callers in order!

Although not everyone will get a reading, Sandy has a special way of addressing EVERYONE’S unspoken questions as she moves through the program.  Don’t miss this! Sandy uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to Channel your Guides and hers to answer your questions LIVE ONLINE and...

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Psychic Development Online Class with Sandy


Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful way to make a brand new start this year! You have the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity to change and improve your life, to develop yourself to your fullest potential in almost every area of your life - and it begins this month!

All of my adult life I have lived in an energetic world that is rich in color and feeling and insight and empathy and telepathy with powerful guidance and miraculous healing, and I so want to be able to share all these abilities and skills with you, and enrich your life in just the way mine has been so rich for all these wonderful years!

Yes, I have had struggles and challenges, as we all have who live in this physical world right nowÖbut the insight, understanding, awareness, and foresight that my intuitive skills and abilities give me has helped me to rise to greater joy following the surmounting of every challenge.

Wouldn't you like that to be your life? It can be yours. You have discovered a key to unlock...

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Psychic Development Online Course with Sandy Anastasi


Hello Everyone,

When I go out shopping, or attend social engagements, or move through crowded public areas, I put all my psychic protection around me, and I use my psychic-spatial awareness and insight to make the best of all family and social gatherings, and I move into another delightful holiday experience. Glum faces turn into happy ones, sadness is replaced with joy, sullenness with excitement, resistance with anticipation. It's easy if you only know how.

I wish I could share those protections, insights, understandings, real techniques so easy to implement, with everyone.

"What can Psychic Development do for ME", you might ask?

This is what The Anastasi System of Psychic Development can do for you! It can make everything in life smoother. It can make relationships better. It can make family gatherings happy. It can help you find out who you are, and find your right path in life, and move through life almost trouble-free!

THAT is what first led me to teach psychic development....

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