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November 2018 Astrolights

November seems to be an active month for shifting focus and perception. We begin with Uranus continuing to move retrograde but reentering Aries. Adjustments that were made over the last seven years concerning how independent or true to ourselves we have been are receiving an opportunity for review. Are you alone more than you’d like to be, or do you feel that you are you in a good place with how you pioneer your own character and abilities?

Take a good long-range overview to assess whether your inclusion or not of others is in a comfortable space for you. The new moon in Scorpio, ruled by Aries’ ruler Mars, will bring much of this to the surface for you. It will tell you actually how much assistance you really do need and how much you rely on others to quell the doubts you have in depending solely on yourself. Jupiter’s shift into Sagittarius on the 8thshould aid you by producing a bit more confidence in your own abilities.

On the 15ththe first quarter moon in...

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Happy Birthday Scorpio 2018

As of August, you have had to revisit some of the changes you have made in your close and long-term relationships. This includes friends and enemies. This has put a crimp in the timing of some of the activities you were planning on undertaking. 

Most of this has to do with how you serve yourself and others. This also includes the spouses of your siblings. Keep your authority over yourself obvious even though Scorpio likes to keep things under wraps. This will insure that there are no misunderstandings in how you intend to keep the relationship on an even keel for your healthiest welfare.  

Speaking of health, your tendency to push yourself past your limits is a bit exaggerated now and rash action can get you into unexpected trouble. Although you don’t like others knowing of your limits, you should stop activities when you begin to feel that it is a strain to go on.

It is not as important to keep your limits a secret from you enemies as it is wiser to listen to your...

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Psychic Development Tip #1 - The Moon's Effect On Us


Psychic Development Tip #1 - The Moon's Effect On Us

This TIP begins my brand new series of Psychic Development Tips. This is a new series, not to be confused with my Psychic PROTECTion tips. 

(To receive my Psychic PROTECTION tips Course, click here)

Often my psychic development students ask me if the moon's cycles or even the time of the year can have an effect on their psychic sensitivity as well as their emotions.

The answer is yes.

Almost everyone is aware these days that the full moon certainly does affect people's emotions.  It's a fact that mental institutions, prisons, and police forces usually have more staff on during the full moon, or at least expect more activity.  But what many people don't know is that what strongly affects your emotions also affects your psychic sensitivity.  For some people that's a good thing, for others it's not so good.

Are you the person who responds to stress positively, and takes intelligent action when faced with...

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October 2018 Astrological Predictions


Your focus this month is on health, work, and relationships. You seem to have a lot of things that need to be talked out.  What a perfect tool communication is for self-healing and for laying the groundwork for a rosy future for yourself and your loved ones!  This is also a wonderful time for education - both as a teacher and a student and both inside the classroom and out.   It’s a good time for social gatherings with friends, siblings, your kids, and even your Mom.  This month is so important for you Aries because what you are learning and what you are talking about will powerfully affect your home life for years to come, and in a positive way.  Are you considering working from home? A change in career? A move? It’s time to talk about it.

This month your emotional focus is on your finances.  You are looking at  your skills, your abilities, your natural talents that you would like to put your time and...
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Half Hour Readings with Sandy in October 2018


As promised, I am highlighting 3 of my half hour focused readings for you.  Each of these readings has been chosen because this month the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. 

All are 1/2 hour, all are $250. 


Focused Reading #4 - Dealing with Stress

Stress is one of the biggest killers and destroyers in our society.  In fact, most people world-wide deal with so much stress in their lives daily that they actually don't even know what it is to live a peaceful, ordered, relaxed and content life.  In this reading for you my Guides and I use astrology, numerology, tarot and channeling to pin point the major stress factors in your life right now, and we give solutions to help you unwind your life back to health, happiness and well-being.  You will be surprised that often the thing(s) that produce or cause the most stress are not what you think they are, and easier to fix than you might expect.


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Happy Birthday Libra

Happy Birthday Libra


coming soon

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October Astrolights

October Astrolights

coming soon

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Psychic Protection Tips Course

Sandy's October Monthly Special for 2018

One of my top priorities when teaching my students and working with my clients has always been to create a safe and secure environment psychically. It is a fact that everyone grows, flourishes and evolves best in an environment that is nurturing, healing, and safe. In my field that is especially true.     

Over the years I learned that psychic protection, especially during formative growth times or when someone is going through any kind of trauma, is so important that in my psychic development classes my students learn psychic protection techniques even as they learn to open to their psychic gifts. 

I believe, in fact, that psychic protection is so important for everyone that I have posted my psychic protection tip videos on YouTube for almost five years.  It is a fact that when you apply my psychic protection techniques everything in life flows more smoothly - from your relationships, to your work, to your...

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Sandy's New Course - A Year of Psychic Protection Tips


Sandy's October 2018 Editorial

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank all of you who purchased my new online programs, the Tarot Part 1 and Tarot Part 2 that I talked about last month in my editorial.  Because of your support, I have been able to go on to create another amazing program for you that launches this month! 

My new program is focused on psychic protection - perfect for this month, and always one of my biggest focuses for my students, no matter what I am teaching. More about that in just a few more moments.

But first - I promised last month that the first 10 people to order my new tarot programs would receive a very special gift from me.  My assistant Lisa is about to notify you if you were one of them!  

If you were, I hope you are reading or watching this now, because you are going to receive a FREE personally signed copy of my soft cover Tarot Reader's Workbook right in your mailbox! Of course, the PDF of the book is already yours as you got that...

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2019 Psychic Development Online Course with Sandy





16TH – PDL 1 – CLASS 1
23RD – PDL 1 – CLASS 2
30TH – PDL 1 – CLASS 3
  6TH – PDL 2 – CLASS 1
13TH – PDL 2 – CLASS 2
19TH – PDL 2 – CLASS 3
27TH – PDL 3 – CLASS 1
  6TH – PDL 3 – CLASS 2
13TH – PDL 3 – CLASS 3
27TH – PDL 4 – CLASS 1
  3RD – PDL 4 – CLASS 2
10TH – PDL 4 – CLASS 3
24TH – PDL 5 – CLASS 1
  1ST – PDL 5 – CLASS 2
  8TH – PDL 5 – CLASS 3
15TH – PDL 6 – CLASS 1
22ND – PDL 6 – CLASS 2
29TH – PDL 6 – CLASS 3


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