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Psychic Development Tip #11 - Telepathy Tip #3


The best way to learn anything is through practice and feedback. To develop your skill in telepathy you must first begin to recognize it through feedback.  Then, when you can clearly see it working for you, you can begin to deliberately practice it, expand it, and let people’s reactions continue to be your feedback. 

Here are some of the ways you can recognize when YOU are initiating or generating telepathy:

  • You are admiring someone’s attire from the back and they turn around and look at you.
  • You are admiring someone’s bracelet and they raise their arm to look at it.
  • You have a problem you know a certain friend could help you with.  They call you.
  • You are planning what to bring to a dinner party.  Your good friend shows up with the same thing saying they just had a sudden urge to bring it.
  • You are about to say something you’ve been wanting to discuss and your associate starts talking about it.
  • You are just about to change lanes in...
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Sandy's August 2019 Editorial


Hello Everyone,

I recently tuned into my friend John Edward’s Facebook Live presentation.  It was great! Way to go John!  I was delighted to hear him talking about how ALL of us need psychic protection in our lives, especially NOW.  I couldn’t agree more.  That’s why I decided to put my Psychic Protection Tips course on a special discount for this month.

John is right.  All of us here on Planet Earth need to learn how to protect ourselves psychically as part of our evolutionary journey.  Many years ago my Guides told me that the angelic guardians of our planet were slowly withdrawing their protections as it is time for us all to become self responsible.  Learning to protect ourselves psychically is a taking a big step towards self responsibility and spiritual maturity.

It is especially important to begin learning and practicing psychic self defense now as there are so many emotional energies being thrown around in our...

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Happy Birthday Leo 2019

Happy Birthday Leo 2019

There is an urge to put yourself out front. Think twice. Be careful you don’t let your mouth overload your potential. Most of what comes out of your mouth automatically will be a knee jerk reaction to your own need to maintain your position and security.

You may also find that in your work environment you will be receiving challenges from those who will demand that you to prove yourself. Don’t fall for it. It’s a play for power. And if you let yourself get dragged into a “I must prove myself” battle, you will become totally distracted from the heart that you need to pay attention to and find yourself dealing with the restrictions of political correctness.

You must lean heavily into your own values to keep your grounding. This year will challenge you to “walk your talk and talk your walk” in the face of no visible or auditory understanding of those around you let alone their recognition.

And if you are in need of...

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August Astrolights

August 2019 Astrolights

We begin the month with a new moon in Leo on the 1st. First question I must ask is whose rules are you following? Are you being politically correct and following what’s good to keep the status quo or have you made decisions based on your own experience and your own values?

Hopefully it’s the latter because if it’s the former you will find yourself in untenable situations for which you have no recourse but to follow the wishes of the power-hungry people around you.

The 1st also brings Mercury direct in Cancer. Now you have a better idea of what part security plays in the decisions you’ve been making. Make your decisions accordingly.

As Mercury moves into Leo on the 11th, Jupiter also turns direct in Sagittarius. Issues that encompass cultural differences and differences in religion, philosophy and lifestyle are now moving more on a track that is commensurate with your own values, that is, if you haven’t given into...

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2019 Psychic Hours with Sandy Anastasi

Do you wish ‘The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi’ that you used to watch on John Edward’s Infinite Quest was still on?  Well, your wish has been granted! The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi is back and it’s FREE!

2019 Psychic Hour Dates:

  • November 17th
  • December 8th


But there are only a limited number of spaces, so REGISTER NOW to join Sandy as she uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to channel your Guides and hers to answer your questions LIVE ONLINE and to give informative and inspirational insights in her friendly yet direct style. Be sure to go online and raise your hand early, as Sandy will take callers in order!

Although not everyone will get a reading, Sandy has a special way of addressing EVERYONE’S unspoken questions as she moves through the program.  Don’t miss this! Sandy uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to Channel your Guides and hers to answer your...

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for July 2019 - Sandy Anastasi

Aries -

This month your energies are mostly focused on home and family Aries.   You can expect a return of previous challenges and  you will have the chance to overcome and heal them.  This is especially a healing time for the man you are closest to, and also for your own past actions that you may regret.  Travel also is a powerful possibility this month.  Be sure to state your own desires to avoid that feeling of “I don’t count”.  All too often you are just going along for the ride and then becoming resentful that your needs aren’t being met.  Now is the time to change that.  You are continuing to do a balancing act between your outside activities or career and your family.  Although it’s difficult, it’s not yet time to make choices.  Enjoy a happy 4th of July, wherever you are!

Taurus -
Relationships and money are both on your mind in equal measure this month Taurus.  It may be...

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Sandy's July 2019 Monthly Specials


1)    This month my Guides and I have an extra special offering for you.   I am discounting one of my most effective astrology-based channeled readings for you from July 1st through the 31st.  I can only do a limited number of these readings, so if this interests you, you need to sign up for it right away!

In my coaching sessions and my channeled readings with clients over this past year I have taken note of the major crises and challenges facing people in today’s world.  You know it because you see it too - we live in a world that is filled with constant energy shifts that are bringing about new changes and challenges nearly every day for every one of us.  The result is constant stress and anxiety, people are feeling overwhelmed with their energy and resources stretched too thin, needing to move through each activity and every day so fast they barely have time to enjoy their favorite things in life anymore. 

The solution for living in...

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Sandy's Editorial for July 2019


Hello Everyone!

I am writing from the beautiful Elara hotel in Las Vegas where we have come to celebrate Father’s Day and my birthday this year.  It is great to step back for just a moment and catch our breath before diving back into life.   

This is a special time with the 4th of July and the start of my new Kabbala Pathworking class on July 10th just around the corner.  Exciting times indeed.  You can read more about those things on my website and as a newsletter recipient you’ll be sure to get the inside scoop on everything that’s coming up in Sandyland.  I promise.

In this moment of reflection I find myself looking back at a dynamic, eventful first half of the year, for us all.  Personally I’ve been faced with challenges that included many health issues for the people I love most, and keeping up with a swiftly growing business, client, and student base.  I owe deep thanks to my small team for helping me make that...

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Psychic Development Tip # 10 - Meditation


This psychic development tip is about meditation.  In several earlier tips I mentioned that mediation is very important in your psychic development, and in fact is it’s cornerstone.  My next few tips will help you to achieve deeper and better meditations and reap all the benefits that go with that.  If you already know how to meditate you may want to skip these, but even experienced meditators may pick up a few good tips!

Meditation involves learning to still your mind and control it, and your thoughts.  Once you really understand that concept, it’s easy to understand why meditation is so important for aspiring psychics, channels and mediums to learn.  After all, we all know now that we create our world with our thoughts!  And in my last few psychic development tips you learned how easy it is for thoughts to be transferred from one person to another (telepathy).  Do you really want to do that unconsciously?  Of course meditation...

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July 2019 Astrolights

 We begin July with one of the most important eclipses of our lives and of our country. On the 2ndwe have a solar eclipse in Cancer and on the 16thwe have a lunar eclipse in Capricorn.

In its most materialistic meaning, Cancer rules home, real estate, food, and our personal roots. In a less obvious sense, Cancer rules tradition, family, and what and how we nurture what we value in our lives. In also a mundane sense, Capricorn rules authority, government and what we produce in the eyes of the world. In a more subtle meaning, it’s all about how and what we structure in our lives and the recognition of the patterns we create.

We are at a crossroads.

We can either allow ourselves to become obligated to be the providers for the world, or we can invest in our own growth without feeling the responsibility to give away what we have earned to those who have no idea of the cost of our earning what they demand of us. Feeling this responsibility is at the core of political...

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