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Sandy's November Special 2019


So many people responded to my ‘Next Three Month Overview’ reading special I offered  in September that I decided to offer it again this month, especially since it’s not one of my regular focused channeled readings.

This month, let me and my Guides use astrology, tarot, and channeled insights to tell you what’s coming your way this Holiday Season and even help you jump start the New Year in a positive way!  You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions too!  Let’s put all those worries, fears, and insecurities behind you this Holiday Season and instead embark on the best three months of the year! 

This is what I do best, and I love to do it.  I take a quick glimpse into the future with you!

To reserve this session just book any focused channeled reading on my website and when my assistant contacts you to set your appointment tell her you want to get the ‘Next Three Month Overview’ reading with me and you’re...

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Psychic Development Tip #14 and Human Magnetic Energy Tip #1


Did you know that every part of your body has it’s own energetic signature?  Did you know that every part of your body is magnetic to a certain degree?  I am talking about far more than that human ‘animal magnetism’ we associate with charismatic individuals, though that is certainly also somewhat dependent upon the energetic and magnetic qualities we human beings possess.   

Scientists can actually measure the electrical output of your brain, your heart, and all your other organs.  Studies have shown that the iron particles we all have in our sinus cavities act as a homing device similar to a homing pigeon!  Some individuals are so sensitive to the brain wave pattern of other people’s thoughts that they can ‘feel’ them wake from a deep sleep or meditation, much like your dog or cat might.   

We humans, like many of the animals we share our planet with, are all ‘magnetically sensitive’ to varying...

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Sandy's October Specials

1)  My most exciting special this month is a unique webinar I'm offering on October 13th that's all about Mediumship! Click here to find out more about it!
2)  Because I am celebrating Halloween and focusing on spirit communication this month, I'm offering a reading special I've never offered before.  This reading special has two parts. 
First, my Guides and I will work with you, looking at your aura, connecting with your Guides, and evaluating your astrology chart for potential mediumship ability. 
We all have the ability to connect with the spirit world in some way.  What is your best way? How can this skill benefit you and your loved ones?
Secondly, since we will be working so closely with your Guides and your potential mediumship ability in this reading, it is likely (but not guaranteed) that some of your deceased loved ones may stop by to pay a visit!  Additionally, the connection to me and my Guides when I am in...
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Happy Birthday Scorpio

Pay attention to your urges in relationships. If you’re doing what you need to do, you will feel no ill effects. But if you’re not, you may find that your lower back may feel some discomfort. Any stress that you feel this month will show itself in your lower back or in the head. Be careful moving around as you may have the habit of moving a little too fast and bumping your head or worse. Begin slowing down.

You’re feeling like you could charm the pants off anyone. As this may be the case this month, don’t get carried away and allow the assumption to carry on more than this month. This “charmingness” will also have the tendency to pull in more than your share of potential new relationships. Don’t let it go to your head because as quickly as they may appear will be as quickly as they vanish.

In general relationship issues, you appear to be going through a landscape shift where some people just seem to drop out of sight and others may just pop...

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Upcoming Psychic Hour Dates

Do you wish ‘The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi’ that you used to watch on John Edward’s Infinite Quest was still on?  Well, your wish has been granted! The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi is back and it’s FREE!

2019 Psychic Hour Dates:

  • November 17th
  • December 8th


But there are only a limited number of spaces, so REGISTER NOW to join Sandy as she uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to channel your Guides and hers to answer your questions LIVE ONLINE and to give informative and inspirational insights in her friendly yet direct style. Be sure to go online and raise your hand early, as Sandy will take callers in order!

Although not everyone will get a reading, Sandy has a special way of addressing EVERYONE’S unspoken questions as she moves through the program.  Don’t miss this! Sandy uses tarot, numerology, astrology, and her unique ability to Channel your Guides and hers to answer your...

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November 2019 Astrolights

We begin the month with Mercury turning retrograde on October 31st in Scorpio. All the periodic communications glitches will begin as usual. Don’t sign contracts and don’t begin new projects. However, all the communications behind closed door will continue and even intensify.

The rub is that even with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio with the Mercury retrograde we will know things are going on behind closed doors but will be unable to do anything about it. There is and will be an intense need to bring things to the surface to clear up a lot of misconceptions and even deceptions.

Neptune in Pisces and North Node in Cancer, creating a grand trine in water, serves to further exacerbate the tension by contributing a lot of unwarranted emotional energy. Cooler heads will have to prevail if we are to hold an even and steady course.

At this point, being above board in our dealings will go a long way to dissipate the fear and anger. Yet, there are many whose position and status...

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Sandy's October Editorial

Hello Everyone,
I just love October!  I love the leaf changes, the first cool breath of Fall, the hint of Winter in the air; I love pumpkins and costumes and most of all I love Halloween!  My memories of Halloween go all the way back to early childhood when we used to go trick-or-treating door to door.  I remember dressing up as a 'bum' and wearing my father's old combat boots that were at least 6 sizes too big for my little size 3 foot.  When the neighborhood boys chased us and egged us I was bringing up the rear in those oh-so-big boots and got my first egg-shampoo!  There were parties and costume contests and do you remember dunking for apples?  Ah, those times were wondrous and glorious and are some of the most cherished of those early years.
As I grew older I learned other things about Halloween, and I'm not just talking about the seances, the haunting's, and the horror movies that seem to come at us from every direction...
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Psychic Development Tip #13 and Mediumship Tip #1:

There is a natural progression in the development of psychic abilities that eventually occurs for everyone, whether they consciously attempt to develop the skills or not.  If the person does not want these abilities they actually have to consciously 'turn them off'. 
What I am saying of course, is that we are all psychic, and all of us will eventually develop all of the skills and abilities that modern man currently assigns to 'psychics'. 
Mediumship, the ability to connect with people who have passed to the other side of the veil, is the last ability to develop in that natural progression, unless it is forced by events or training.  
Here is the natural progression - the first psychic abilities to develop are what I call the 'lower' psychic abilities, those being empathy (feeling the emotions of another as if they are your own), telepathy (reading thoughts), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairalience (psychic...
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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for October 2019 - Sandy Anastasi

Aries -
This month finds you focusing on finance and gaining support for a project or activity that will further your life goals and career path.  Look to your one on one relationships, especially your significant other, for direction and support in your endeavors.  You have been feeling blocked, as if running in place regarding family issues, finance, even relationships, for some time.  This month the focus needs to be on partnerships and healing finances for the work you’ve been doing on yourself to move forward.  Your goals are closer than you think.  Hang in there and you will soon be seeing the results of your efforts.

Taurus -
If you are in the health field this is a good month for you in your career.  If you’re not, you will still find health issues around you.  These could be your own or those of someone close to you.  That may possibly be an older woman or your significant other if you have one, or someone closely...

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Mediumship Webinar with Sandy

Sandy’s Offering A Special Online Event for October 2019!

You are invited to a special webinar I will be presenting for the VERY FIRST TIME ONLINE.  It’s a webinar on MEDIUMSHIP!

It’s going to be at 7PM on October 13th and if you’re the 13thperson to register you are going to be the recipient of a secret gift I’ll be unveiling for you right on the webinar!

It’s time for some Halloween fun!  I can’t wait!  This is going to be so much fun for all who attend!

So here’s what I’ll be talking about –

  • What is Mediumship?
  • Can anyone be a Medium?
  • How can you tell if you are a Medium?
  • Is Mediumship dangerous?
  • Can spirits really haunt someone?
  • Is possession possible?
  • How and why should a Medium protect themselves?
  • Are there different kinds of Mediumship?
  • Can you tap into Mediumship through empathy?
  • How do you develop skill as a Medium?
  • Q&A
  • There will be lots of examples and it’s likely my Guides will be...
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