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2021 Psychic Hour Dates

Do you wish ‘The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi’ that you used to watch on John Edward’s Infinite Quest was still on?  Well, your wish has been granted! The Psychic Hour with Sandy Anastasi is back and it’s FREE!

2021 Psychic Hour Dates:

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January 2021 Monthly Specials


I have TWO great specials for you this month!
1) My reading special for you to kick off the New Year is my 2021 YAAG (Year At A Glance) reading special that I only offer at the beginning of each year!
During this reading my Guides and I will give you an overview of what 2021 will mean for you, and then we will lay out your life, month by month, from January through December 2021, so you will know what is coming into your life month by month and be prepared for it!
This is the best way to start the New Year, every year,  because it gives you the chance to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges that you will know in advance are coming. It gives you the ability to plan out and manage your life and your world in a way that will make all of your activities so much more enjoyable and successful, all year long..
You will know which things and people are important to focus on, and which you can let go....
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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for January and 2021 Year Overview

 Aries -

2021 Year Overview

  Your 2021 year will be filled with action, unexpected events and opportunities, and challenges, Aries.  This year holds great opportunity for you regarding your career and social position, if you choose to make the effort to achieve your goals.  In your work or career you will need to play the political game to get ahead, but it may be worth it.  It's a good time to get the necessary training or education that will give you an edge.  Your outgoing and people-oriented nature will help in the workplace.  This is also a year of great responsibility at home, at work, and regarding your mate.  If you are not in committed relationship this year's experiences may very well lead you into one.  If you are in a relationship, this year will bring greater joy and even more romance into it.  It will be a good year for meeting special people, for developing great friendships, and if you have children, for...

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Psychic Development Tip #29 “Becoming a Conscious Receiver’


We are all already telepathic and empathic, although most people don’t realize that they are.  You can easily observe telepathy at work in family groups where the bond between siblings, or parent and child, or husband and wife, permits brainwaves to flow back and forth easily. 
Remember a time when you were thinking about a certain food you’d like to eat, and your husband or wife suddenly suggested you have it for dinner? That was both telepathy and empathy at work.  The telepathy part of that exchange was the image and name of the food, the empathic part was the actual taste of the food and the feeling of wanting it. 
People are just now beginning to realize that communication between people is not all verbal.  While a verbal conversation is going on there is another non-verbal conversation happening at the same time.  Sometimes these two conversations are saying two different things.  Obviously this can lead to a lot...
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Editorial for January 2021


Hello Everyone,  Happy New Year!  

I am so excited to begin this New Year of 2021!  This year begins our next decade and firmly moves us into the Aquarian Age! I believe this coming year will be a magical and exciting year for us all, in a good way!   
In 2021 we will move past the struggles of the last decade, and of the 2020 year especially, and we will begin a New Era characterized by social expansion and healing on all levels of our lives, including people all over the World.  
We are ready to emerge from the chrysalis of change and transformation that we've been confined in for so long.  During our recent time of hibernation and introspection most of us have done some major soul searching.  You may have learned that you didn't like the type of work you were doing, and are ready to step out in a new direction.  You may have come to terms with old hurts and forgiven someone you almost wrote...
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Astrolights Jan 2021

The firestorm is not quite over. After a power packed month of controversy and stress, we have a new Moon in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto on the 13th. The changes that have been brewing are now, essentially, “etched in stone.” The day after the new Moon on the 14th Uranus turns direct in Taurus. Taurus rules our finances, possessions, resources, and how we value ourselves. Uranus manifests unexpected and/or sudden changes. Three days after turning direct Uranus is Squared by Jupiter from Aquarius. This will bring tremendous pressure on how we view and handle those Taurean qualities. The square of Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus makes those resources accessible to those who aren’t within the sphere of those who we consciously and willingly support.

We may now have less of a say in how our resources are applied by those outside of our family unit. Since our bodies are part of our possessions and resources, we may have even less of a say in who has access to ...

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Happy Birthday Capricorn 2020

How you see yourself and what you value is and has been slowly manifesting toward a new coalescence. You are not finished with your tremendous shift. Perhaps the physical emphasis that has been so strongly with you for the last three and a half years is not meaning so much anymore. Granted, you are an earth sign but the emphasis on earthly circumstances has been morphing into a more social or even humanitarian perspective. No, you won’t lose your down to earth practical viewpoint, but your focus will now be more on how your mind prepares you for your new goals during your daily concerns. Your tendency for sacrifice is being expanded to include a much wider group of people than just your family and co-workers. Since what you’re working toward is shifting, your values concerning how you get there is also. For a Capricorn, this is an earth-moving blossoming. If you resist, you will be left in the dust dealing with minutia and at the same time end up questioning why...

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Sandy’s December Holiday Specials


Offer #1

Purchase anything on my website between now and Dec 29th and my assistant Lisa will send you a FREE LINK to attend my What’s Coming in 2021 webinar that my Guides and I are presenting right here online, on Wednesday, December 30th, at 7PM! 

Last year my Guides made predictions that amazingly foretold told so much of what has happened in our lives, our nations, and our world, during this eventful 2020 year we are now ending.  They talked about weather, earth changes, politics, health issues, personal and world finances, and more.  I can’t wait to hear what they are going to tell us about what’s coming in 2021!  I feel it’s going to be a great year! This webinar that will give you a really good look into the coming year normally costs $20 to attend; but between now and December 30th you will get it for FREE when you purchase anything on my website.

Remember - you MUST PURCHASE SOMETHING, anything in fact, to receive...

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for December 2020

Aries -

With the planetoid Chiron on your solar ascendant, and Mars and Venus together in your house of ‘self’, this month will surely be a time of personal healing for you Aries.  A few personal changes need to be made, and you know what they are.  Then, you’ll be off and running to a world of opportunity.  Major shifts in how and where your income is earned are in process and will be good.  You just have to get used to a few new ideas and practices.  Your major focus at the moment is money, family, and travel – not necessarily in that order.  Communication is paramount.  Your significant other, or a close female relative or friend, will show you the way what you want to do may be accomplished.  Pay close attention to what family members are talking about this month…someone is planning a major move or perhaps a big career shift, or both!  Also pay close attention to financial matters.  Things are...

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December PD Tip #28 How to Remember Your Dreams


Dreaming is an important part of psychic development as for the average person it is in the dream state that we usually make first contact with our Higher Self and our Guides.  Some people are even able to receive dreams about their deceased loved ones, and even dream about future events. That is because when we are dreaming, our conscious mind is relaxed into the dream state, so it’s normal tendency to question and resist is gone.  Our Higher Self and our Guides can send us messages.

Dreaming is a great way for all psychics, beginner through adept, to make these connections and get great insights. The problem is that beginning level psychic development students often have difficulty at first remembering their dreams.

Here are some pointers to help you out:

1) Stress is the greatest hindrance to remembering your dreams.  When we are stressed, our bodies are tense, our mind races and doesn’t want to shut down, sometimes we even suffer from insomnia. ...

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