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June Tarot Special

This offer is only available to people who have purchased my Beginner's Tarot class.  In other words, this offer is ONLY FOR MY STUDENTS, PAST and PRESENT.
 In June, I will be offering a Tarot Readers Workshop Series.                                      
There will be 3 classes, all held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM Eastern
I will be answering your questions live online and we will be doing sample readings together to help hone your skills .   The entire workshop series will be recorded and a link sent to you that  you can download. 
The cost of this program that I HAVE NEVER  DONE BEFORE is only $60.
I have been reading and teaching tarot for 40 years and have taught thousands of students who are now successful professionals. I haven’t  taught a live...
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Happy Birthday Gemini 2020

Your concentration will be on hidden issues. These will include your fears about yourself and your abilities and the reactions you receive from other people whom you might assume have it in for you. These impressions are also very much connected to your intuition. You’re feeling something coming which should start to materialize around June 21st. This something will directly relate to how you view, value and use your resources and abilities.

Begin by looking at your career situation and refraining from looking at your participation as being someone who is allowing themselves to be used. Being the martyr only digs you into a deeper hole. Ask yourself if how you are sacrificing is actually an attempt to create and impression and perspective of yourself as a response from the people you choose to make sacrifices for. We all try to impress others. Personal sacrifice is only one of the ways we try to do it.

As of May 6th, it has become increasingly more important that you learn...

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Sandy's Psychic Cruise 2021

Join Psychic Channel Sandy Anastasi
aboard The Royal Caribbean International


For a Western Caribbean Cruise
Five Nights from Fort Lauderdale, FL 

APRIL 10TH - 15TH, 2021


4/11 - DAY AT SEA
4/14 - DAY AT SEA

LABADEE, HAITI- A day spent on an exclusive and privately owned Caribbean island port and resort destination - Beach - food brought from the ship - drinks - water sports - Alpine Coaster - Zip-line - A Haitian flea market and more!

According to legend, the spirit of 'Annie Palmer' haunts the grounds of...
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May Monthly Specials

I have some wonderful specials for you this May, as our whole world begins to emerge from it's struggle with COVID-19.  
Here's my first offer, and it's a very important reading special for you:

For most of us dealing with our struggling economy right now, our primary focus is money.  How much money do we have, how much do we need, how and where do we get it?  What are our debts, and how do we get out of debt and stay that way? What are, were, and will be the greatest drains on our income going forward?  Thank goodness our Governments and our banks are providing stimulus packages and loans and loan repayment plans and more in our time of need.  Also the many financial business professionals that have come forward to offer help and advice deserve great praise.  But there is one outstanding gap in your financial recovery that my Guides and I can help fill.  That is the ability to...
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May 2020 PD Tip

May 2020 - PD Tip #21 which is also Creating Your World Tip #1 - breaking patterns
This Psychic Development Tip is one of the most important you need to understand and really, really, learn in order to break away from repetitive patterns in your life and create the life you want.
The concept that we create our reality with our thoughts is widely spoken of these days, yet understood by few.  This is why so few people actually are able to put the concept to work in their lives and create the reality they want to live in.  Believing in the Law of Manifestation is one thing.  Becoming a Manifestor is another.
Here's how it works.  Through your life experience you are given many options and shown many possible futures in response to each thought you think or contemplate.  That is the Universe or God, or your Higher Self or your Guides or Angels or whomever you...
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May 2020 Astrolights

We begin the month with the Moon’s nodes moving from Cancer and Capricorn into Gemini and Sagittarius. This means that the influence of karmic change moves the active energy from Moon and Saturn to Mercury and Jupiter. In English, the main focus of karmic rebalancing will be in communication and all things represented by Mercury and in the expansive qualities of Jupiter including cultural, educational and philosophical venues. These changes will stay in place until December of 2022.

During these times Mercury will change signs often providing the usual cycle of communicative changes and retrograde debacles (the full cycle is 88 days). However, Jupiter will move into Aquarius from Capricorn in December 2020 and seesaw back and forth between both during the following thirteen months. The Capricorn influences, now until December, will involve changes in all positions of authority, organization and structure including government which we have definitely been seeing as a result of...

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Happy Birthday Taurus 2020

Changes have been coming a lot faster than is comfortable for you. Although these changes began in September 2018, they faded a bit and then became more apparent in March of 2018. Since then, things have been moving fairly quickly. Hopefully, you’ve been learning to trust your intuition a bit more than insisting on practical evidence.

Your career has undergone a restructuring. Organization and authority now comes from a different place. Perhaps there has been a change in management. There has been a lot of action there for the past two weeks. For you, this probably runs at cross grain to how you think things should be done. Be patient. Don’tstrong arm others to get what you want. You may also find that people seem to be more annoying than they have been of late. Your patience is really being tested and what comes out of your mouth may surprise even you. Do your best to center yourself.

Take a good look at your resources. Your possessions, finances,and ways you value...

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Sandys May 2020 Astrological Psychic Predictions

Sandys astrological videos are available on Sandy’sYOUTUBE CHANNEL

Read them below or watch the videos on her channel. 

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Aries -
If you have children, or want them, this will be an important month Aries, as a great deal of your emotional focus all month long will be on children.  Even that special project, the 'child of your heart' will receive a lot of your love and energy.  If you are single relationships are sure to be especially significant this month too.  Keep your eye out for that 'special someone'.  When you aren't pursuing all of these things, you'll be looking at your talents, your abilities, your skills, and thinking about what your most marketable ones...
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May 2020 Editorial

Hello Everyone,
 I sat down to put this editorial-blog together this month, and I realized I just can't get away from that big, white elephant sitting right in the center of everyone's room.  The quarantine that most of us here on our lovely Planet Earth are dealing with right now is that big white elephant, and all of the physical, emotional, financial, political and economic things that go with it keep drawing our attention back to it.  Are you working in the health field, or do you have friends or neighbors that have contracted the virus, or are you fearful that it will spread to your area and your loved ones? Are you glued to the news to hear more about it, and how you should deal with it, and perhaps about possible cures?  Are you one of the many people who has lost their job or who are subsidizing friends and relatives who have, because of the many business shut-downs?  Are you an investor worried about your portfolio or a person supporting a...
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Sandys April 2020 Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Sandys astrological videos are available on Sandy’sYOUTUBE CHANNEL

Read them below or watch the videos on her channel. 

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for April 2020
Aries -
April promises to be an eventful time for you as you celebrate 'your' month Aries!  Change is being amplified in your life this month, so you can expect that any plans that you make or actions you take will be subject to some sort of shift.  Being as flexible as possible, whether you are at home or out and about, is imperative to making the best of all situations. This month is accentuating home, family, and especially your mother or a woman whose strong presence affects your home life in a powerful...
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