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I’m Not Psychic…Or Am I Webinar


I’m Not Psychic…Or Am I?  –

This all-new never been presented before 1-hour (give or take) web-class on psychic ability and the psychic world is for you, if:

  • you are curious about psychic energy and the psychic world in general.
  • you have had unexplainable ‘psychic’ experiences in your life or have a loved one or friend who you are trying to understand who routinely has them.
  • You pick up the feelings and or thoughts of others as if they are your own.
  • You get precognitive dreams or visits from deceased loved ones.
  • You hear voices – inside your mind or even from outside, when there is no one with you.
  • You see things that others don’t see.
  • You get thoughts or ‘revelations’ that give you information that later proves to be true.
  • You get strong feelings to be somewhere, or to not go somewhere.
  • You feel your perceptions of the world around you make you different, that no one can understand you, and that you don’t belong...
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November 2021 Monthly Specials


First off, I want to once again wish you a Happy Halloween and also a very Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you live.  In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, I have created some very nice monthly specials for you this month! 

1)  My first special is something every one of my clients waits for eagerly each year, to get themselves off to the right start in the new year to come.  It’s my Year At A Glance (YAAG) Reading Special!  

I am bringing it in early this year as last year so many people wanted to sign up for it that I was simply unable to accommodate them all.  What makes this so special?  My Guides and I will be channeling information for you, using both your astrology chart and the astrology chart for 2022, to give you a good idea of what (And who) will be your focus for each month during all of 2022!  First we’ll give you an overview of the year ahead, then we’ll give you a month by month...

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October Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Here are my Astrological and Psychic Predictions for you for October, 2021.  There are a few things everyone should know. 

First off, Mercury will remain retrograde until the 18th, so avoid binding communications like contracts until after that as mistakes could easily be made.

Pluto turns Direct on the 6th, Saturn on the 11th, and Jupiter on the 18th.  This is great news, as things you’ve been waiting for are going to begin to move forward.  You’ll see all of that more clearly after Mercury turns direct on the 18th

October will be a big month for getting back on track, for sure.  I hope you enjoy my predictions, and have a very fun and Happy Halloween on the 31st

Please, leave a like with a thumbs up on my video, and join my YouTube channel if you haven’t already!

Now, here’s an overview of what’s going on for the Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Fire sign people are going to be pumped with energy this...

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Spirit Communication – an Overview


Thursday, Oct 28th, 2021 at 7:00PM EASTERN

At this time of year, we all naturally think about what, and who, is on the other side, and many of us who have a natural talent for spirit communication often experience some ‘other-worldly’ things. 

In this webinar, here’s what I’ll be talking about –

What is Mediumship?

Can anyone be a Medium?

How can you tell if you are a Medium?

Is Mediumship dangerous?

Can spirits really haunt someone?

What kind of things are on the ‘other side’?

Is possession possible?

How and why should a Medium protect themselves?

Are there different kinds of Mediumship?

Can you tap into Mediumship through empathy?

How do you develop skill as a Medium?


There will be lots of examples and it’s likely my Guides will be bringing in some of YOUR loved ones in spirit to just to say hello!

As most of you are probably aware, The Anastasi System of Psychic Development program is one of the most respected ways to...

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October 2021 Monthly Specials


I have some great specials for you this month everyone!

 1)    My first October Special is for my focused reading, “Vampires in Your Life”.  My Guides and I will help you to identify the primary people, things and situations in your life that may be draining your life force away!  Then we’ll give you some suggestions about how to protect against them!  How cool is that!  Even better – when you purchase this reading at its full price of $250 during October, I’m going to GIFT you with an automatic MP4 download of my Dark Forces webinar!  Wow! What a great way to celebrate Halloween, and also protect from all of the crazy energy we all have to deal with during these very strange and difficult times.  The Dark Forces webinar is part of my Evolution of Consciousness webinar series costing $297 and is not available for sale separately.  Now you can have it as my gift to you, when you purchase this...

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October 2021 Editorial Video-Blog


Hello Everyone,

As we begin October I find myself reflecting on just how much I love this month.  Here in Florida the hot, sultry days of extended summer are finally giving way to our fall weather with its cool nights and temperate days.  We don’t get much of a leaf change here, but the tell-tale signs of fall are all around us, from bird (and snowbird) migrations beginning, to plants and trees dropping their seeds for next spring.  Oh, yes, the pollen count is high.  That’s something we learn to live with here in this tropical paradise.  The scent of jasmine fills the air every evening as the cooler weather brings out those intoxicating blooms.

I feel the excitement of the season unfolding within me as I visit the stores, now filled with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza decorations.  When did that happen? Time seems to have sped up so much that even the holidays come at us all at once these days.  But never mind...

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Psychic Development Tip #38 – Thought ‘Layers’


Recently I was asked a question about the invasiveness of telepathy.  That prompted me to create this psychic development tip.  It may very well be the most important tip I’ve ever given.

As mankind’s evolution continues, we are all becoming progressively more telepathic, so this tip really is for everyone, not just psychics.  For anyone who is already using psychic skills, or is learning to develop and use them with full awareness, this tip should be one of your Golden Rules.

It’s important to understand first that thought is vibration, and that vibration goes through three major transitions before it is projected out into the world, usually in the form of verbal communication or physical action.

You are probably aware of that first stirring of thought, when an idea begins to ‘bubble up’ from your unconscious.  You are aware of it as it formulates itself, but you haven’t said it to yourself yet.  This is the deepest level...

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September 2021 Monthly Specials


Special #1 -

My reading special this month is all about my Guides and I helping YOU to identify and find paths to work through your very deepest fears.  We all have fears, and we often bury them.  Buried fears can become debilitating, life-sucking cancers for many of us. Isn’t it time to deal with these inner demons once and for all?  Isn’t it time to bring your deepest fears out into the light where in the light of day they will lose their power over you?  Isn’t it time to find healthy methods for conquering them and ultimately letting them go?  

When my Guides and I did this work with my clients many years ago, I had several psychologists that would send their clients to me for a reading, then bring them the recording to review so they could shave years of treatment from their client’s healing process.  It’s that powerful.

This reading special is only available during September.  It is not one of my normal...

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Astrological and Psychic Predictions for September 2021


The Fire Signs:

If you are a Fire Sign, an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, here’s an overview of what’s going on for you this September:

As a Fire Sign you can expect your energy level to remain high all month long.  In fact, if you or anyone around you has been ill, this month is a time of healing.  The healing vibration around you extends to financial, social and emotional issues as well, so if there are areas in your life you’d like to see repaired to wholeness, this is a good month to work on that.  Don’t be surprised if along the way you end up doing some deep soul searching, revisiting past issues involving friends, sibs and other family members, and perhaps even reversing a few decisions you thought you’d hold your ground on.  Let’s see what’s going on for the individual Fire Signs now.

Aries –
This month your focus will largely be upon family and household matters, and on your children, if you have any,...

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Psychic Development Tip #37 Eating Tips


Many people who are working hard to develop their psychic skills are totally unaware of how their diet and eating habits might be affecting their developing abilities, and vice versa.  Some psychics even end up putting on a whole lot of weight overeating or eating the wrong things because they have become too sensitive and are unwittingly using the digestive process to help them ‘shut down’ instead of using the many psychic tools available to them.

There are a few basic truths you should be aware of, regarding food, and also a few pitfalls you can easily avoid that will help both your readings and your health!

Firstly, not all food has the same density, energetically speaking.  If you are getting ready to do a reading and you enjoy a big steak before doing it, you’re going to have a much harder time keeping your energy up for the reading than if you’d just had a simple salad instead.  You will also probably have to work harder to connect with...

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